Platform Roundup – Week Ending 06/16/2017 in Review


A Recap of Platform News for the Week Ending June 16, 2017

In this week’s roundup – JomSocial  gives sneak peek of some of the goodies we can expect in their next major release. Ning extends “Groups” and “Events” to the once doomed 2.0 Mini plan at no cost. Also in this week’s roundup – news from Jamroom, phpFox and Community Builder.

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Upgrading To Jamroom 6.1 Videos Have Gone

Published on June 11, 2017

Was trying to locate the source of an issue that came in in the tickets and it took me a while, so putting the solution out there for the community in case anyone else runs into it.

The issue was that after upgrading to Jamrom 6.1 all the videos would not show up where they were expected to. The video player playlist was just blank where there should have been videos.

The solution is to use a new tool in the videos module:



What has happened is that going from Jamroom 6 to 6.1 the default video format has changed. Previously the default was .flv and the fallback was .mp4. From Jamroom 6.1 this has reversed. So to make sure there is a video file in the default format to be played this new tool was added…

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Great News – since Groups and Events features are free on 3.0 platform, we also decided to make them available to 2.0 users!

You have remained loyal to the platform for many years, inspiring our development – and we appreciate it deeply. Thus, meeting your expectations is our duty and our great concern. That is why; we are working hard to provide you with a unique opportunity to manage your own social networks in a more efficient way. Today we are happy to introduce free Groups and Events Features to the users of Ning version 2.0.

The Groups feature allows you to meet people with your interests or in your region. As a group creator, you can choose all the necessary features and privacy settings you need. The Events feature is a good tool that allows members be aware of upcoming conferences, concerts, parties and other events related to your network theme. You can even organize in-person meetings and invite anyone to join your Event.

If you have any suggestions or you need help, contact us via email or live chat.

We are grateful for your staying…

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Community Builder

CB Profile Update Logger 3.0 Released!

Published on June 14, 2017

CB Profile Update Logger 3.0 now available for download by all Paid Members

CB Profile Update Logger 3.0 is yet another rewrite that takes tracking field changes on your Community Builder profiles to the next level.

Here are just some of the highlights that will rock you:

Totally responsive – looks great on all viewing devices!
Templatable – make your own viewing templates to blend in with your needs.
Exclude logging updates for specific (configurable) users (list of user ids).
Exclude specific fields or entire field types from logging.
Backend administrative management lets you search, filter, sort or even remove items from your log
Take it for a spin on our demo website…

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New Apps and Themes in May 2017

Published on June 15, 2017

Time is running so fast, isn’t it? Last month, we just posted 20 new apps and themes developed by our 3rd party vendors for the month of April. Just click here if you missed that article. And now, our 3rd party vendors just added more new apps and themes for this month that might be useful to your site. Excited to know about them?

Let’s have a quick look back on some new apps and themes in May 2017

1. Sticky Musicali theme by Scheinwelt-Media –…


Sticky menu when scrolling
Full-width front page…

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As we are entering the final stage of JomSocial 4.4 development, with ACL implementation already in place, and real-time chat instead of current inbox system, we are thrilled to announce another addition to already rich base of extensions and addons. This time, we are coming up with new theme for JomSocial 4, which will be compatible with all the new features that we are working on right now, and all the existing features from previous versions like Theme Designer.


JomSocial’s features have always been simple and functional. We loved it, our customers loved it, your site members appreciate it too. And while it allows to find and connect with friends and communicate with others in many different ways there is one feature we never been quite satisfied with.

Remember the old SMS messages we had in pre-smartphone era? No? We neither… at least not on our phones. But there is one thing in JomSocial that constantly reminds us to it. The Inbox

Therefore our team carefully crafted (and it’s still crafting) the system which will completely replace the…

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