modeadsNing ruffled a lot of feathers late last year after they announced plans to revamp their subscription plans (See Notice of 2016 Storage Limit and Pricing Plan Changes). The new plans featured caps on data and membership as well a steep price increase. This increase in price meant that some Ning Network Creators would see their monthly payments go from $60 to $1000. Ning’s new plan structure was scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2016 but very few people reported having the new prices imposed on their network. Was Ning having second thoughts? Maybe they held off on enforcing the new pricing because they wanted to work out some kind of compromise. I think they probably did…well, sort of.

A few Ning Network Creators have reported seeing ads from Ning’s parent company – Mode Media, appearing throughout their websites. The owner of one of the affected sites stated that he keeps the site ad-free and cannot explain how these ads made their way in. The number of networks being invaded by these mysterious ads are on the rise. Could the affected sites be in violation of Ning’s new pricing structure (would love to hear from those affected)? Maybe this is an attempt by Mode to  cash in on those who don’t have the cold hard cash to fork over?

Would love to hear your views on this. A heads up on these ads would have been nice but we’re dealing with Ning…can you really expect any better? Would you accept these ads on your site to help offset the cost of your ridiculously high monthly payments or would you prefer to pay up? Of course, you can always leave 🙂 .

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Unwanted Mode Ads on a Ning Network
Unwanted Mode Ads on a Ning Network – Image Courtesy

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