The Improved Ning to SocialEngine PHP Import Tool


    Importing Your Ning 2.0 Network to SocialEngine PHP Just Got Better

    I’m a social web platform consultant with in depth knowledge on the workings of most of the popular platforms available. I usually ask my clients questions to help me determine why they choose one platform over another. The results (to date) from my post consultation surveys on SocialEngine PHP found that issues with the Ning importer was among the top reasons why Ning Network Creators held out on migrating their networks to SocialEngine PHP. SocialEngine’s less than stellar quality of customer service also played a significant role in the holdout. These two holdout factors should no longer be an issue for Ning Network Creators. Here’s why…

    SocialEngine took the time to listen to feedback provided by me in collaboration with a prominent member of the Ning Creators Network and actually acted on the feedback to make the necessary improvements to ensure that every import related defect were corrected.

    I actually provided feedback on customer service before providing feedback on my experiences with the Ning import tool. Surprisingly, the SocialEngine team actually acknowledged their shortcomings in the customer service department and vowed to make improvements. I’m happy to say that they weren’t just blowing smoke with that promise. I’ve witness these improvements firsthand. Want proof of that? Look no further than the improved import tool. The customers’ (your) concerns made all the difference.

    SocialEngine has reassured me of their commitments to maintain  and build on the higher level of customer service. Ex Creators will continue working to ensure that those migrating to SocialEngine from Ning receives the white-glove service they deserve.

    The Improved Ning 2.0 to SocialEngine PHP Import Tool 

    List of Improvements

    • Pages are Now Imported
    • Blog Comments are Now Imported
    • Activity Feed and Blog Posts no longer appear in reverse chronological order
    • Issues with posts not displaying (when they should) in member profile have been fixed
    • Forum posts count issue have been fixed
    • Imported content is now searchable in global search
    • Forum initial topic is no longer at the bottom and the replies are correctly in order above.
    • Event Members count issue have been fixed (members count now properly updates)
    • Fixed issue with imported forums not being visible to logged out users

    What Gets Imported

    • Members
    • Activity Feed +Comments
    • Blog Posts +Comments (new)
    • Forums Topics and Discussions
    • Photos +Comments
    • Videos +Comments
    • Music +Comments
    • Events (Upcoming and Past) +Comments
    • Groups +Group Contents (Photos, Videos etc…)
    • Pages (new)

    What Doesn’t Get Imported

    • Site Settings and Design
    • Friendships/Connections
    • “Likes/Favorites”
    • View Counts on Posts, Photos and Videos
    • Organized Photos (Albums)
    • Passwords and Profile Privacy Settings

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    Stay Tuned for More Updates on Ning to SocialEngine Imports

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