phpFox Founder Raymond Benc crosses over to SocialEngine – I did not see this coming.

SocialEngine welcomes Raymond Benc  – the founder of rival platform phpFox barely a month after welcoming Donna Bryant aka data66 – the (well loved) Community Relations Manager over at phpFox. Donna announced her resignation from phpFox back on October 21, 2016 just four days before Raymond’s resignation announcement.

Raymond Benc’s resignation from phpFox came as a bit of a shock to me especially since he gave no hints of his “pending” departure in an article he wrote to fight off rumors of phpFox demise back on August 25, 2016. In the article titled “phpFox is not Ending – Celebrate phpFox Today!” , Raymond reassured the phpFox masses by saying “We have some great things in store for our current and future clients. Our plans stretch years into the future, so we are here to stay and planning on a very long, happy and successful future in the Social Network Script market!” Raymond announced his resignation from phpFox on October 31, 2016 in a forum post over at ScriptTechs – a site owned and operated by Donna Bryant.

Both Donna and Raymond seem to have left phpFox on good terms. In his resignation announcement, Raymond said “Donna and I will be reaching out to the community so we can start work on developing affordable quality apps based on what the community feels is needed in order to improve phpFox. We will also be taking in custom projects for those looking to create unique features for their community.” Sounds great to me…I won’t be surprise to hear of some kind of buyout or even merger somewhere down the line.

SocialEngine stood to benefit a lot from having Donna as a part of their team but having Raymond onboard as Lead Developer may have tipped broke the scale with benefits we can’t even begin to imagine.

SocialEngine PHP is still my platform of choice and the social web platform I recommend the most to my clients but there’s no denying the power of phpFox. There are a few features of the platform I envy and would like to see in SocialEngine. My wait might be over soon.

Looking forward to some exciting developments for the SocialEngine PHP platform.

Afterthoughts: Just wondering if last years development of the phpFox to SocialEngine PHP migration tool is tied to these recent events.

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