SocialEngine Relaunched – New Logo, New Website, New Pricing

The recent relaunch of SocialEngine and other recent positive development within the company has reignited the flame of hope amongst users of the platform (more so for the PHP version) who’ve been feeling like things had fallen by the wayside. The actual social network creator platform has not been upgraded just yet but the roads to that next level are being paved.

Looking Beyond the New Logo and Fresh Paint

The redesigned is certainly eyecatching and much better to look at than the previous site but its beatuty is more than skin deep. Although it’s still a work in progress, when it’s all said and done the new site will feature:

  • Improved Visibility for certified developers
  • New knowledge base
  • New support center
  • New brand identity
  • Platform to launch SocialEngine Marketplace
  • Custom e-commerce platform for future products and strategic verticals

In their announcement post “Our Relaunch Has Happened!” SocialEngine said that they’ve been “working with third party developers (and) customers alike to bring to you all a brand new e-commerce and certified 3rd-party developer platform that will be instrumental in the future growth of SocialEngine and the forthcoming marketplace.” SocialEngine has been emphasising  the need to improve their third party developer market for quite some time now. The lack of “third party developer code unity” has been a major problem for users of the SocialEngine PHP Platform. Code conflicts often arise when installing plugins from different third party providers. Let’s hope that this “new certified 3rd-party developer platform” also includes strict rules for plugin development that will eliminate the code conflict issue.

The New Pricing Structure

The relatively high price point of SocialEngine PHP is was usually the reason why most people who were strongly considering the platform ultimately decide against it. Prospective buyers will be happy to hear that the top level package of SocialEngine PHP has been reduced by $150 (from $699 to $549). This price reduction is better than all previous offered discounts.



SocialEngine PHP New Pricing

Stay tuned for more developments.

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