A Recap of Platform News for the Week Ending August 11, 2017

In this week’s roundup – SocialEngine announces roadmap for v4.10. PeepSo v1.8.4 released. This version of PeepSo brings with it “Forntend Blog Posts Submission”. StackIdeas releases stable version of EasyArticles and is SocialGo attempting to make a comeback?

PeepSo Logo

New Release: PeepSo 1.8.4

Published on August 7, 2017

We’re extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of PeepSo 1.8.4! It’s a great release that brings a lot of new features. The main focus was put on the BlogPosts plugin as you can see in the changelog. But it’s not the only one getting new features or improvements. Without further ado let’s get to the fun stuff!
Frontend Blog Posts Submission
One of the most frequently asked features. Not a week goes by without users asking:
Can people write blogposts via your plugin?
And our answer has always been: no, there’s no point to reinvent the wheel. But we found a great plugin by CM developers: User Submitted Posts that already allows that. So we integrated it with our BlogPosts plugin. Users can write posts right in their profiles and submit the posts. Once they are accepted by an admin, they get published…

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EasyArticles Stable Released

Published on August 8, 2017

Yup, it’s finally here. We now proudly present to you the stable release of EasyArticles. This is actually one of the fastest ever new product release that we have done. As most of the highlights were previously shared here, allow me to brief you through some of the highlights in EasyArticles.

Effortless Composer
​I believe this feature to be one of the main highlights in EasyArticles. Besides having such an amazing and simple composing platform, it’s also equipped with the essentials for any content type out there, such as enriched media previews for Facebook and Youtube, geolocation which is supported by Google maps, Joomla custom fields, convenient publishing options and many more…

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So that you do not miss any of the important changes, let me summarize them first. The changes affects everyone, so take time and get ready for all the good stuff coming your way.

I. JomSocial 4.4 RC release

Live Chat
Joomla ACL
4 Pro Themes…

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SocialEngine PHP

4.10 Roadmap

Published on August 10, 2017


It’s time for a roadmap! We know how much you look forward to new releases and in getting information for upcoming ones. We wanted to let you know what’s on tap for version 4.10 and a basic idea of when to expect it.

New Features

Tagging Members
Ability to tag a member in a post or comment. Username tagging is popular in social networking and it’s coming to SocialEngine PHP 4.10!

Smileys/Emoticons are a staple of social networking. We’re including smiley/emoticon support for all text areas!

Profile and Group Banners
We will be adding support for banner images for both individual and group profiles. This adds a customization feature that members tend to love.

We’re adding hashtags! Similar to how Twitter #hashtags work, this will also include a tag cloud to show all of the hashtags added. This is great for SEO and user engagement.


Remove Flash
Remove flash components and replace with HTML5. This is something that clients have requested and we find it necessary due to browser changes. It’s not something we could release in a 4.9 minor release as it’s a big change so we will include it in 4.10…

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10th Anniversary

Published on August 10, 2017

2017 is our 10th anniversary and we’re working on something new. It’s the culmination of all we’ve learnt in delivering thousands of Social Networks over the last 10 years on the web. Watch this space!…

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