A Recap of Platform News for the Week Ending June 2, 2017

In this week’s roundup – Ning breaths new life into v2.0 of their platform. WordPress 4.8 moves to Release Candidate 2. JomSocial 4.3.4 loaded with bug fixes is now available for download. StackIdeas releases security update for EasySocial and SocialEngine gets tougher on piracy.

After iJoomla Installer was discontinued, we made a promise to replace it with a native solution built-in into Joomla! Today, we are delivering this promise and introducing the Joomla! update notifications for JomSocial, Socialize, and all the extra modules and plugins too.

Also, we are bringing numerous fixes for all the bugs reported since the last release. For the full list of changes, please visit the changelog pages. You can find JomSocial’s changelog here and Socialize changelog is available here.


Being aware of the new update is crucial for your site security and functionality. Joomla! Makes it very easy for user to be aware of these notifications in a way that we could never achieve with separate component. All our extensions and templates will now support it, so you can always be aware that new update is available.


This update also include all the fixes for the issues reported since the last release, as well as improving existing features based on your suggestions and forum discussions…

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Security Update For EasySocial 2.0.19

Published on June 1, 2017

It has always been our priority in ensuring that all our products are safe from any exploits. Today, while the team are in the midst of working on EasyArticles and EasySocial 2.1, a security analyst provided us with some insights on the way EXIF information was being processed in EasySocial which may lead to an unwanted xss attack.

This possible mode of attack could affect sites that are processing EXIF metadata on photos uploaded on the site. If your site doesn’t have EXIF installed or if you have already disabled this feature, you will not be affected but you are advised to update to the latest release as this release addresses the way EXIF metadata are being processed and on top of that, we have also included some bug fixes and minor enhancements into this update as well.

Update Soon

If you are using any versions prior to 2.0.19, kindly update to the latest version as soon as you can. Should you need any assistance with updating to the latest version, get in touch with us on our forums…

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WordPress Logo

WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2

Published on June 1, 2017

The second release candidate for WordPress 4.8 is now available.

To test WordPress 4.8, you can use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or you can download the release candidate here (zip).

We’ve made a handful of changes since releasing RC 1 last week. For more details about what’s new in version 4.8, check out the Beta 1, Beta 2, and RC1 blog posts.

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post to the Alpha/Beta support forum. If any known issues come up, you’ll be able to find them here.

Happy testing!…

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SocialEngine PHP

SocialEngine Announces Anti-Piracy Commitment

Published on June 2, 2017

Good day!

We hope your spring has been beautiful thus far! Here at SocialEngine, we’ve been busy with some key improvements to our policies and websites. One such improvement is our commitment to fighting piracy.

Piracy, for those that are not familiar, is the illegal sharing of products – mainly digital in nature. Our product is a licensed, paid product and the fees from licenses and license renewals (when applicable) go towards helping us continue to develop our platform. Piracy is responsible for removing a substantial amount from our revenue stream which slows down our ability to give you all the new features and updates that everyone wants. As such, we are taking a much stronger stand against illegal use and distribution of our product.

In our investigations, we’ve also seen the products of experts from our marketplace being shared and distributed on various pirate sites and many people participating in sharing of those products. In an effort to protect the valued experts in our community, part of our anti-piracy efforts will also involve those products whether they are paid or free…

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Ning Logo

Great news for Ning 2.0

Published on June 2, 2017

All of you have definitely heard about 3.0 Upgrade, but our team also aspires to stay in-line with Ning 2.0 Creators. Your successful experience remains our priority, that is why we are working assiduously on updating the Ning 2.0 platform.

We believe that you will enjoy the changes we are going to implement. Our developers are improving the product and striving to offer you more advanced technical solutions:

1. Currently, our team is working on updating Chats version. You can expect new Chats to go live in the first half of June, and you will be able to choose whether you want to upgrade this feature or stick with the old version. Check your dashboard regularly not to miss this release.

2. As in 3.0 Upgrade, on 2.0 platform you will also be able to monitor your networks analytics. As always, we focus on providing our customers with more optimal and user-friendly solutions, therefore, the function of network analytics, as well as its customization and support options will be available in the near future.

After analyzing your networks, we decided to provide all Ning 2.0 creators with custom support. So, there is good news for you – we are going to help you out with design and layout. As we do care about your achievements, we want to help you facilitate and improve your own networks. We will monitor them and draw up a list of recommendations for improving the design…

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