Platform Roundup – Week Ending 05/12/2017 in Review


A Recap of Platform News for the Week Ending May 12, 2017

In this week’s roundup – PeepSo v1.8.0 is now available. phpFox releases a bug-fix update for core video app. WordPress 4.8 beta 1 is now available for testing and Joomla give a heads up on a potential security issue and upcoming patch.

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Core Video App v4.5.3 Release

Published on May 7, 2017

After receiving many feedbacks from you about our new Core Video App which can be found at, we are now pleased to announce the release of Core Video App v4.5.3 is ready. In this version, we’ve fixed some major issues as following:

If you share a video which porting from old Video app to this new one, system display message “The sharing content isn’t available now.”
An error occurred in the phrase of new Video app
Video menu is not active when accessing all pages of Video app
System displays wrong error message
Does not convert all old videos completely
Could not upload large video via FFMPEG
Find bugs with this version? Please report them at our Github tracker…

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Community Builder

CB Core Fields Ajax 4.0 released!

Published on May 10, 2017

CB Core Fields Ajax 4.0 is a total rewrite that provides cleaner frontend inline fields editing for all core CB fieldtypes.

Just install, publish and configure any of your CB core fieldtype fields to allow them to be support inline editing on your user profile pages and your userlists.

This new release gives you:

more reliable and smooth inline editing
new output modes and 2 built-in templates
different edit templates configurable on a per fields basis
ability to dynamically chain other fields to get updated when another field is inline edited
You can see this new release in action on our demo site and read more about the cool new features in Kyle’s blog…

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PeepSo 1.8.0 Is Out!

Published on May 11, 2017

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of PeepSo 1.8.0. Due to some internal changes that many of you have already read about we were forced to reorganize ourselves a bit more before jumping fully back into development. Please make sure to read this blogpost carefully and follow the upgrade procedure.
3-Way Merger
This is one of the most exciting news. and 97BOLD plugins have been taken over by PeepSo due to recent management changes. The following:
BadgeOS Integration
User Limits (slightly renamed)
These are no longer 3rd party plugins. They have been adapted to be a part of the official…

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Weekend Updates: Pricing, support and other changes at JomSocial

Published on May 12, 2017

Keeping our member’s in mind, we have rolled out some updates this week and have few more lined up for next week. We do hope these changes will empower our members and help them do more with JomSocial. This is what we did this week.


Starting today, the Standard plan users will have access to full featured JomSocial package. Gone are the days of limited functionalities. The Plan difference from now on will be based on perks and other benefits.


For long we used to have Standard and Professional packages, in where the standard package was stripped of quite a few features rendering it less powerful. We want everyone to enjoy the core features. Go ahead and update your standard installations.


While we have upgraded Standard plan to include all core JomSocial features. The Professional and Supercharged plans are also being empowered. The number of support domains have been increased, use it more, we are not going…

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Joomla! 3.7.1 – Important Security Announcement – Patch Available Soon

Published on May 12, 2017

A Joomla! 3.7.1 release containing a security fix will be published on Wednesday 17th May at approximately 14:00 UTC.

The Joomla! Security Strike Team (JSST) has been informed of a critical security issue in the Joomla! core.
Since this is a very important security fix, please be prepared to update your Joomla! installations next Wednesday.
Until the release is out, please understand that we cannot provide any further information.
Please note: the upcoming release candidates of 3.7.1 this afternoon will not include the security fix…

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WordPress 4.8 Beta 1

Published on May 12, 2017

We’re planning a smaller WP release early next month, bringing in three major enhancements:

An improved visual editor experience, with a new TinyMCE that allows you navigate more intuitively in and out of inline elements like links. (Try it out to see, it’s hard to describe.)
A revamp of the dashboard news widget to bring in nearby and upcoming events including meetups and WordCamps.
Several new media widgets covering images, audio, and video, and an enhancement to the text widget to support visual editing.
The first beta of 4.8 is now available for testing. You can use the beta tester plugin (or just run trunk) to try the latest and greatest, and each of these areas could use a ton of testing. Our goals are to make editing posts with links more intuitive, make widgets easier for new users and more convenient for existing ones, and get many…

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