phpFox Neutron v4.5 Released


Neutron v4.5 is Finally Here

The phpFox user base welcomes back the CKEditor with the release of Neutron v4.5. There are lots of other great upgrades and a ton of bug fixes. Here’s what you can expect.

Key Updates

  • UI improvements for all pages
  • Support Right-To-Left layout
  • New Apps Manage Page in AdminCP
  • Support users to edit their status
  • Support crop profile photo in Pages

Users of phpFox Neutron Pro can enjoy free access to these five new apps below that was released with v4.5.

  1. CKEditor App
  2. Backup and Restore
  3. RESTful API
  4. Single Device Login
  5. Shoutbox

Get the full scoop on the release of Neutron 4.5 – See the official release article here.

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