PHPfox Neutron Updated to v4.0.3


The newly released version 4 of PHPfox a.k.a PHPfox Neutron, has been plagued with its fair share of bugs but that’s sort of what you’d expect from a platform that just underwent a major makeover. Of course, this update is a maintenance release so it contains a host of fixes (see below).

PHPfox Neutron v4.0.3 Changelog

  • Fixed Marketplace Module Issue #151
  • Fixed Issue with “Active Members” Filter on Member Page Showing Pages/Groups in Results. #152
  • Fixed Issue with Blog Category Needing to be Reselected Upon Edit. #148
  • Fixed Issue with Relationships Profile Pictures Not Showing. #146
  • Fixed Issue with Event Comments not showing up. #144
  • Fixed Server Settings Bug Affecting Photo Uploads. #142
  • Fixed Issue that Prevented  Pending Members from being Approved. #139
  • Fixed Issue with Failed Image Upload Appearing In Photo Pages Blank. #129
  • Fixed Issues with “Edit Settings”. #127
  • Fixed Issue with Date Of Birth Selection not going Beyond 1997. #116
  • Fixed Installation “White Page” Issue. #112
  • Fixed Issue with not being able to View Pending Requests. #107

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