PeepSo Still Behind But Inches Closer – v1.7.1 Released


PeepSo v1 

The initial release of PeepSo was a bit of a letdown for me. It fell way too short of the “next-generation of Social Networking plugin for WordPress” hype.   I longed for an alternative to BuddyPress that would deliver a true social network experience without the need to install a dozen third party plugins, all from different providers – those who’ve been there knows that it can be a recipe for disaster. PeepSo v1 lacked some of the core features and functionalities of BuddyPress, the monopoly social networking plugin for WordPress it was meant to “replace”. The absence of a “groups” plugin and no integration with bbPress made it hard for PeepSo to be viewed as a better alternative to BuddyPress.

Active Installation Count of 1000+ as of 11/22/2016
Active Installation Count of 1000+ as of 11/22/2016


Active Installation Count of 200 000+ as of 11/22/2016
Active Installation Count of 200 000+ as of 11/22/2016

PeepSo has come a long way since its inception last summer. The platform (Extension Platform) has consistently rolled out updates, many of which were loaded with new features or improvements to existing ones. Case in point – The v1.7.1 update (current version) includes major improvements to the newly released GroupSo plugin (released on 10/21/2016) among other things. PeepSO only seven plugins available at initial release and at the time there was no third party support. Today, there are seventeen plugins available, four of which come from third party developers.

Get full details on v1.7.1 here: PeepSo 1.7.1 Is Out!

PeepSo is definitely getting better with time but the platform still has a very long way to go. The dismal number of active installations tells part of the story…people aren’t flocking to it… but why would they when the original is still better?

PeepSo Then vs Now

Initial Release (07/31/2015) – Core Package and Plugins


  • Member profiles
  • Activity Feed with Status Updates

Plugins (all premium @ $30/each)

  • FriendSo – Enables Friendships
  • PicSo – Photo Sharing
  • VidSo – Video Sharing
  • MsgSo – Private Messaging
  • TagSo – User Tagging Feature
  • MoodSo – Mood Sharing
  • LocSo – Location Sharing

Current Release (11/21/2016) – v1.7.1 – Core Package and Plugins


  • Member profiles
  • Activity Feed with Status Updates


  • BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool (free)
  • TagSo – User Tagging Feature (free)
  • MoodSo – Mood Sharing (free)
  • LocSo – Location Sharing (free)
  • ProfileSo – Advanced Member Profiles ($30)
  • FriendSo – Enables Friendships ($30)
  • PicSo – Photo Sharing ($30)
  • VidSo – Video Sharing ($30)
  • MsgSo – Private Messaging ($30)
  • ChatSo – Instant Messaging System($30)
  • GroupSo – Group Creation ($40)
  • PeepSo PMP Integration ($30)
  • PeepSo Email Digest ($30)
  • PeepSo-BadgeOS – Achievement Badges System [third party] ($30)
  • Reactions² – Expression System [third party] ($30)
  • PeepSo – CM Answers Pro – Q&A System [third party] ($29)
  • PeepSo – myCRED – Achievement Points System [third party] ($20)

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