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mooSocial last version update (2.2.0) less than a month ago brought with it some exciting new features (see below) and a very important behind the scenes change which made it a lot easier to create extensions for the then lackluster social networking platform. The upgrade to 2.2.0 made it possible  for plugins and themes to  be added without the need to modify source codes and that paved the way to major developments in extensions for the platform.

Paid Subscription Coming to mooSocial 2.2.1

One of the top recurring questions I get asked during consultations on social web platform is related in some way to the availability of paid subscriptions/membership. My clients tend to gravitate more towards platforms that  have this feature readily available. Users of mooSocial will soon be able to monetize their networks with a little more ease. A very robust paid subscription system is scheduled to be released with the next software update (2.2.1).

Specifications of mooSocial Paid Subscriptions are Listed Below (courtesy

Users subscribe to a membership package by choosing a price plan during registration or in membership management to become a subscribed member. Once subscribed, their level of access is based on the User Role linked to the subscribed package.
Users can change to a different package any time or renew when his/her package expired. They can also cancel their subscription or request a refund. Cancel package ends before the next billing cycle. Request for refund is subject for approval by site admin.
Admin Functionalities:
Admin can manage package and price plans, create comparison layouts for user to compare packages, manage subscribers, manage transaction, and manage refund requests.
Integrated closely with Paypal Adaptive Payment gateway, Admin can issue refund, cancel subscriptions directly in subscription management area. Admin and users do not need to login to their PayPal account to cancel or issue refund.
Package and Price Plans: 
  • Ability to offer multiple subscription packages: (Ex, Platinum, Gold, Bronze, Silver or VIP, Sponsored, Regular, etc). Each package will be linked to a User Role which you can set permission to.
  • Ability to offer multiple price plans for each package.
    • Plan Type: One time (free or paid), Trial + One Time (free, promo, discounted trial), Recurring or Trial + Recurring (free, promo, discounted trial)
    • Duration: day, week, month, year, forever
    • Ability to show a price plan for new signup, existing member (upgrade, or when subscription is activated), or both
    • Plan expiration early reminder
  • Make Default, Recommend a package, enable/disable price plans
  • Re-order packages and price plans
Comparison Layouts
  • Chose between Basic layout (which uses package’s description for comparison) or create a customized table for detailed benefits of each package.
Manage Subscribers
  • Search subscribers by name, plans, status
  • View user’s subscription detail
  • Set Actions: Active, Inactive, Expire, Cancel Recurring, Refund
Manage Transactions
  • Search subscribers by name, plans, status
  • View and delete transactions
Manage Refund Request
  • Search requests by name, plans, status
  • Action: Accept or Deny request



Improvements in mooSocial 2.2.0 (courtesy

mooSocial 2.2.0 includes many improvements to enhance user experience when using your mooSocial social network site. These are: (in no particular order)
  • Social Integration: seamless Single SignOn with Facebook and Google. Signup/Signin using facebook or G+ account is now relatively easy.
  • Profile Picture during Signup: optional or require users to upload their profile picture during signup.
  • Signup Approval: Admin can optionally require to manually approve new signups before they can fully access mooSocial
  • Menu System: Site Admins now have full control of mooSocial’s menu. They could create Menu widgets and place them anywhere.
  • Auto Add Friends: New signups will automatically become friend with assigned users to help new members getting acquainted with using mooSocial.
  • Auto Load More: Optionally set to auto load more contents when users scroll down.
  • SSL Mode: Optionally set to provide a secure browser connection when viewing thru SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • System Mode: Added 2 development modes to help developers debug develop and build Add-ons.
  • Google’s No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA: fully support the new version of Google’s reCAPTCHA.
  • Birthday Reminders: Auto remind friends birthday and option to write on their walls with a few simple clicks.
  • Editable Posts: Posters can edit text contents of their posts.
  • Editable Comments: Commenters can edit text contents of their comments.
  • Comments with Picture: Commenters can add a picture in their comments.
  • Gender based profile photo: Different default profile photo for male and female
  • Posts in Group: Group’s posts are shown in Newsfeed for related users.
  • My “items”Users can edit or delete their items when viewing My “items” in all plugins.
  • Search Improvement: suggestive search with plugins categorization.
  • Emoticons Improvement: Around 80 emoji icons were added to greatly enhance user’s expression when posting status update or commenting.
  • Youtube API v3 Integration: mooSocial is now compatible with YouTube’s newest API.
  • Email Templates: Personalize your site’s email with editable, translatable templates with dynamic placeholders (parameters).
  • Internationalization & Localization: (i18n and l10n) mooSocial fully supports multiple languages. Virtually everything is translatable, from admin back end, user interface, notification messages, categories to widgets title.
  • Mail System: Improved mail system with mail queue and SSL and TLS support.
  • Super Admin: Supper Admin can now view restricted profiles, items and perform many functions in the front-end than before.
  • Tasks: Admin can now set server’s Cron Jobs to run site’s background tasks to run on schedule rather than relying on site’s activities (optional)
  • Improved Layout: multiple layout improvements
    • Wider Left and Right columns
    • For Newsfeed items. Multiple layouts for pictures upload. Improved layouts for Blogs, Topics, Videos, Groups, Events
    • Many other layout improvements to list to enhance user’s of your social network website.