Oxwall Updated to v1.7.5


Oxwall Takes it up a Notch

Oxwall 1.7.5 is now available for download. The version release largely address bug fixes but there are a couple new features to look forward to. The forum feature has been mobilized and the standard mobile text editor has been upgraded to a WYSIWYG editor. See below for a full change log this update.

New Version Change Log

Oxwall 1.7.5, July 14, 2015

– update server SSL connection fixed;
– floatbox language editing in the admin panel is now scrollable;
– links processing within content now recognizes periods and other full-stop symbols in setences;
– suspended users can now edit their avatars;
– mobile version: when users have no avatar selected, their Profile View page displays the default No Avatar image;
– generation of user hash salt passwords now employs the following method: UTIL_String::getRandomString
– if the service add to friends is not available, users can now delete other profiles from their friend lists;
– added mobile version of the WYSIWYG editor;
– fixed SMTP connection settings test in the admin panel;
– special symbols are no longer encoded in the Profile View page in the About Me widget;

User Privacy:
– fixed the bug allowing one user accessing private photos of another user;

– unused attachments are now deleted by cron;
– mobile version: fixed the markup for conversations/user list;

– unused attachments are now deleted from the file system;
– when user changes the avatar, it also updates in the ‘birthday’ item;

– added mobile version;

Social Sharing:
– adapted for the site’s mobile version;
– fixed the error ‘Request-URI Too Large’, which appeared when sharing content with extra volume of text/description;

Contacts Importer:
– Facebook API updated;
– added SSL support;