Ning Import to SocialEngine Tutorial


Let me start by saying this: It is very unlikely that you’ll see 100% of your Ning site import to SocialEngine. You may lose a few members, blog post, photos and other data. I’ve done several imports and in most cases the amount of data lost was minimal…one or two members, a few photos etc. Honestly, I think that a miniscule loss of data is a very small price to pay considering that some of the networks I migrated were more than 15 GB in size…That’s a lot of data!

I can’t stress this enough. The success of this import is highly dependent on the integrity of your archive.
I strongly recommend that you cleanup your network before running the archive tool. Cleanup your network…what do I mean by that? You should delete all suspended member accounts, suspected spam accounts, badly coded pages, broken images and videos. You should delete all draft pages, as well as draft blog and forum posts. This is a very tedious process but it helps. This cleanup process have solved most of the issues associated with the many imports I’ve done.

What Gets Imported

Activity Feed +Comments
Blog Posts (-Comments)
Forums and Discussions
Photos +Comments
Videos +Comments
Music +Comments
Events (Upcoming and Past) +Comments
Groups +Group Contents (Photos, Videos etc…)

What Doesn’t Get Imported

View Counts on Posts, Photos and Videos
Organized Photos (Albums)
Passwords and Privacy Settings

There are a few minor issues related to the import. Some of these issues can be corrected by making changes to the database. I’ll create a separate video with instructions on how to go about correcting these issues. I’ll also create a video with instructions on how to go about transferring your imported site to a live sever. Please see this forum post for more details on what you can expect from the import: The Ning Import – What to Expect

Is it possible to run the Ning import on a live sever? Yes, it is possible but you may have to contact your hosting company for help…here’s why. The import tool requires a greater amount of resources to run than what most hosting companies allow on the popular hosting plans so the import process will most likely fail if you try running the tool on a live sever. Your hosting company may be able to help you out by allowing you to use greater resources or by running the import for you in a suitable sever environment.

If you’d like to try the SocialEngine import tool on your live server you may go ahead and do that. The steps for installing the software on your sever is different but you can find guidance here in this video provided by the SocialEngine team. Please note that the tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge of servers and FTP.

Please Make You’re Using the VC9 Version of XAMPP

I’m not sure about other  previous versions of the software but the latest version of XAMPP – v5.6.3 will trigger errors in your SocialEngine installation. Some features or functions of some aspect of the SocialEngine trial package are no longer supported by either XAMPP or IonCube.  SocialEngine now provides a 7 day support period for the trial version of their software but I wouldn’t get too excited about that so if you’re having problems please post your questions in the comment section below.

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