The Next Generation of Jamroom is Here

Two months of rigorous beta testing is over. Jamroom v6 has been unveiled and there are tons of improvements…we’re talking about a whole new generation after all. Hey, my guess is this initial release is just the tip of the iceberg. Jamroom has made some amazing improvements over the past several months and there is no sign of a slowing momentum.

Here’s are some of the key improvements in Jamroom v6

  • All new “Follow Me” social skin
  • Enhanced Timeline with “Quick Share” and all new sharing options
  • New “Simple Chat” module (“makes chat on your site totally seamless”)
  • New HTML Transactional Email support (“makes all your system notification email look awesome”)
  • New “Profile Pulse” for profile notification counts
  • Beefed up Media URL Scanner module now creates “cards” for shared URLs
  • New User Birthday module (“say happy birthday to your users”)
  • Core DataStore enhancements (“to make Jamroom fly on larger sites”)

See “Jamroom 6 Beta Kick Off” for details on new features and improvements.

Official Release Article: Jamroom 6 And A Holiday Special!

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