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Is SocialEngine PHP 4.9.0 in need of a jump-start?

It sure seems like that’s the case. It’s been almost a year since SocialEngine excited their user base with the announcement of a roadmap for the next version (4.9.0) their flagship platform – SocialEngine PHP. The roadmap (see below) is packed with a list (25 items) containing some long awaited new features as well as improvements to existing features but, we’re not looking at an upgrade that would take us to the next generation so many are asking… What’s the holdup?

Should we give SocialEngine the benefit of the doubt and assume that the long wait has a lot to do with excessive planning, development and testing to ensure they deliver a much improved and bug free experience with the release of SE PHP 4.9.0?

We’ve been patiently waiting for almost a year with no updates whatsoever in regards to the progress (or lackthereof) on the roadmap. What percentage is complete? What is the expected release date? Can’t give a specific date?…that’s understandable. Should we look forward to seeing a release in the 3rd or 4th quarter 2016 or should we keep holding our breaths till next year? Please, say something…

Expectations are high…SE PHP 4.9.0 has to be worth wait.

From SocialEngine Blog

Introducing: the SE PHP 4.9.0 Roadmap!

We’re happy to announce that the roadmap for SocialEngine PHP v4.9.0 is now publicly available.  Here is what we intend to include in v4.9.0.

Activity Feed Improvements

You asked, we answered. We’re bringing lots of new changes and features to make the Activity Feed even better.

One big way we’re doing this is with the inclusion of iframely (#141). Iframely is a simple API that embeds content into your feed, making it easy to display content in an engaging way just by scraping a web link. SocialEngine will be hosting an iframely API for free (for valid SE licenses), but you will also have the option to go directly through iframely (or host it on your own server using the open source version).

Here’s another thing we’re doing: we’re adding the ability to upload multiple photos (#142). You’ll be able to select multiple photos in the Post Something section and upload them all at once, allowing you to share your favorite moments and photos more efficiently and effectively.

How many times have you posted a status, only to realize you made a typo and have to delete and post again? That frustration is a thing of the past, because we’re bringing you an edit button for your status posts (#143)! Now you can fix your typos and include that word you forgot by simply clicking on the Edit link under your status.

There are several more improvements coming, be sure to check them out and leave your feedback!

Brand New Responsive Theme

We want to create a new default responsive theme so that your users can easily browse content in an optimal viewing experience across multiple devices with varied screen sizes. This will be the default theme when you’ve installed a fresh copy of SocialEngine. It will be compatible with all core modules and will ensure an excellent browsing experience for everyone. Admins will also be able to customize the theme’s color to provide for individuality and creativity (#150).

Licensing and Marketplace

We think it’s important to protect the hard work of our third party experts, so we will be making improvements to the licensing system. This will ensure better protection and more security for your product. It will also encourage more developers get involved with the SocialEngine platform with the full confidence that their work is protected and valued (#151).

We’ll also be adding tight integration with the marketplace, so you can install your plugins with the push of a button (#152).

The Rest

SEO friendly content URLs with Slugs

If you’ve been craving SEO-friendly, meaningful URLs that contain relevant keywords instead of random numbers and nonsense, then your wait is over! We’re going to implement SEO such that the content in all modules will have URLs with slugs at the end. Like this: instead of (#149)

The No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA experience

Yes, that’s what Google calls its new reCAPTCHA. We’re going to provide you with this experience soon by upgrading to Google’s new reCAPTCHA v2.0 (#153).

There are many more improvements on the way, so please check them out and let us know what you think!

  • Ordering feeds based on popularity (#144)
  • Ajax-based status posting (#145)
  • New Activity Feed Items for likes on content (#146)
  • Improve the way description meta tag of Member profile Page is being set (#147)
  • Improve the order of meta title and description tags on all the pages (#148)
  • Sort Past Events in Reverse Chronological Order (#154)
  • Disable YouTube and Vimeo Upload Options (#155)
  • Make video thumbnail available for selection when a video profile page url is shared (#156)
  • Sort Plug­ins alphabetically (#157)
  • Animated GIF support (#165)
  • More organized Activity Feed Settings section (#158)
  • Ability to change position of Updates and search bar in mini menu (#159)
  • New widget: Column width modifier (#160)
  • New widget: Social Sharing buttons (#162)
  • Ability to set different titles of multiple HTML Blocks placed on a page (#161)
  • Better Social Login buttons on Login/signup page (#163)
  • Improvements in pagination (#164)

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