Dolphin Pro – The “Other” Top-notch Platform


I’ve been speaking a lot about SocialEngine PHP over the past year or so and I even went as far as crowing the software king of all social web platform. However, I’ve always referenced other great software but never actually gave them the same coverage and in depth analysis like I do with SocialEngine PHP. That’s about to change.


Dolphin Pro – The Flagship product of BoonEx is one of the very few platforms strong enough to go head to head with SocialEngine. Some may even hold the software to a higher standard and crown it king.

BoonEx Promotes Dolphin Pro as being “The World’s Most Comprehensive Social Software Platform” and Dolphin Pro certainly has the features and flexibility to backup that claim. The base version of the software (priced at $299) comes fully loaded with all the features needed to run a modern-day social website and over 3000 extensions and templates (priced individually) available that should satisfy the needs of those looking to further customize their networks.  Click here to see a full list with descriptions of Dolphin Pro features.

Want to see Dolphin Pro in action? Click here to test drive a live version of the software. Demos are available for the front and back ends. You can also download and install  a trial version of Dolphin Pro. If you like what you see you can convert your trial site to a full fledged licensed site without having to re-install the software. The evaluation version of Dolphin Pro can be found here.

Stay tuned for more about Dolphin Pro!