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Platform Roundup – Week Ending 06/02/2017 in Review

In this week's roundup - Ning breaths new life into v2.0 of their platform. WordPress 4.8 moves to Release Candidate 2. JomSocial 4.3.4 loaded with bug fixes is now available for download. StackIdeas releases security update for EasySocial and SocialEngine gets tougher on piracy.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 05/26/2017 in Review

In this week's roundup - Ning introduces paid access and appeals for volunteers for testing. WordPress v4.8 is just about ready for release. More bug spray from Joomla - v3.7.2 now available. mooSocial releases maintenance update.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 05/19/2017 in Review

In this week’s roundup - SocialEngine releases another bug squashing update...SE PHP v4.9.2 now available. Joomla updated to v3.7.1 to address security concerns. Minor updates also released for WordPress and Elgg.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 05/12/2017 in Review

In this week's roundup - PeepSo v1.8.0 is now available. phpFox releases a bug-fix update for core video app. WordPress 4.8 beta 1 is now available for testing and Joomla give a heads up on a potential security issue and upcoming patch.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 05/05/2017 in Review

In this week's roundup: PeepSo dev team members Eric Tracz and Matt Jaworski now owns the platform. EasyBlog has been updated to v5.1.7 and iJoomla Is Now Part Of JoomlArt!.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 04/28/2017 in Review

Joomla v3.7 is now available for download. SocialEngine releases two updates in a week to eliminate bugs in the long awaited, recently released v4.9 of their PHP platform. phpFox finally releases a video app (plugin).

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 04/21/2017 in Review

This week’s roundup features updates from WordPress, PeepSo and JomSocial among others. Minor improvements and bug fixes. Nothing major to report.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 04/14/2017 in Review

The weekly roundup for the week ending 04/11/2017 was delayed but not denied. Here's a look at what went on: SocialEngine PHP v4.9 is finally here! Four new and updated plugins are released for PeepSo, EasyBlog v5.1 moves to Release Candidate 1, Jamroom v6.1 beta now available (testers only) and Ning reveal plans for the second quarter of 2017.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 04/07/2017 in Review

PeeSo upgraded to v1.7.5. Lots of enhancements and bug fixes, plus an all new plugin. phpFox 4.5.2 is now available. EasyBlog 5.1 moves to beta 2. Updates from Drupal and Community builder are also in this week's roundup.

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 03/31/2017 in Review

Ning rolls out the long awaited video feature for the 3.0 version of their platform. WordPress plugin developer releases VIP plugin for PeepSo. Popular Joomla blog plugin EasyBlog version 5.1 beta is now available for download - testers only of course.

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Platform Roundup – Week Ending 08/11/2017 in Review

In this week's roundup - SocialEngine announces roadmap for v4.10. PeepSo v1.8.4 released. This version of PeepSo brings with it "Forntend Blog Posts Submission". StackIdeas releases stable version of EasyArticles and is SocialGo attempting to make a comeback?