Another Update for PHPfox Neutron – Signs of Bug Infestation?


PHPfox Neutron Invested With Bugs?

Did Moxi9 release PHPfox Neutron way too soon? That seems to be the case with the roll out of yet another update (v4.0.4) which brings the count for updates to four thus far for the month of July. It’s not uncommon to see a series of small updates being released in the wake of a major platform refresh. These updates usually contain fixes for platform defects that made it pass the beta testing phase. One can never totally eradicate bugs from a platform so lingering bug issues are expected. However, persistent bug infestations are usually the results of a platform making a premature exit from the beta testing phase.

Platform updates coming in rapid succession and containing multiple fixes is a good indicator of bug infestation.

PHPfox v4 Update History Since Initial Release
v4.0.1 – Released 07/13/2015
v4.0.2 – Released 07/15/2015
v4.0.3 – Released 07/21/2015
v4.0.4 – Released 07/27/2015

Changelog Info for this Update

Commit Log for this Update

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Still running a build of PHPfox v3? My advice to you is stick with it until the bug problem plaguing v4 has reached an acceptable level.

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