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What is Jamroom?

Jamroom is a community content management system. It enables you to bring your entire community online to participate in your websites content creation.
If you want to build an online community where everyone has their own identity then Jamroom can provide you with the tools to do it.

100% Your Branding And Control
Jamroom 5 is a “White Label” Social Media System – Jamroom code runs on your server, and is 100% under your control.

  • All logos and images are easily changed to your logos and images.
  • Templates and CSS are 100% customizable to your site design and colors.
  • No fees for “logo removal” or other silly charges.

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Powerful And Flexible Jamroom 5 Core
The Free and Open Source Jamroom 5 Core is a powerful platform for building your community:

  • Easily install new modules and skins using the Jamroom 5 Marketplace.
  • Skins that adapt for desktop, tablet and mobile use.
  • 10+ years experience delivering the best media based community software.

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Extensive Profile Features
Jamroom 5 is a profile centered system based around user generated content:

  • Flexible profiles featuring both group and individual aspects.
  • Twitter™ like Activity Stream and Follower System makes “friends” easy.
  • Build your community on user provided content like blogs, audio, video and forums.

Easy To Expand And Customize
Jamroom 5 makes it easy to add new features and customize your site to suit your community needs.

  • Install dozens of modules and features with 1 click using the Jamroom Marketplace.
  • Powerful online editors for customizing images, templates and styles.
  • Flexible template based design makes it easy to tweak the site to suit your needs.

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“Jamroom Core” can be downloaded and installed for free. Extensions are available individually and in bundles at various prices.