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Ning Looks to Regain Customers Trust – Message From CEO

Ning is arguably the most popular social network / online community platform there is. The platform has survived many turbulent storms but not without sustaining damage...

Jamroom 6 Now Available

Two months of rigorous beta testing is over. Jamroom v6 has been unveiled and there are tons of improvements...we're talking about a whole new generation after all. Hey, my guess is this initial release is just the tip of the iceberg. Jamroom has made some amazing improvements over the past several months and there is no sign of a slowing momentum.

SocialEngine Relaunched – Stepping Stone to the Next Level

The recent relaunch of SocialEngine and other recent positive development within the company has reignited the flame of hope amongst users of the platform (more so for the PHP version) who've been feeling like things had fallen by the wayside. The actual social network creator platform has not been upgraded just yet but the roads to that next level are being paved.

PeepSo Still Behind But Inches Closer – v1.7.1 Released

The initial release of PeepSo was a bit of a letdown for me. It fell way too short of the "next-generation of Social Networking plugin for WordPress" hype. I longed for an alternative to BuddyPress that would deliver a true social network experience without the need to install a dozen third party plugins, all from different providers...

Weekly Roundup

Platform Roundup – Week Ending 08/11/2017 in Review

In this week's roundup - SocialEngine announces roadmap for v4.10. PeepSo v1.8.4 released. This version of PeepSo brings with it "Forntend Blog Posts Submission". StackIdeas releases stable version of EasyArticles and is SocialGo attempting to make a comeback?


Ning Migration Options – BuddyPress vs Jamroom vs SocialEngine PHP

There's a wide range of platforms to choose from but only a select few have a Ning Import Tool readily available. This article will focus on BuddyPress, Jamroom and SocialEngine PHP because I think they're the best options currently available for those looking to migrate from Ning. Please see the table below for information on data import capabilities for each of the platforms listed above.

Did Cyndx Really Purchase Ning? Maybe Not

The Cyndx takeover of Ning is a bit of an enigma. I have doubts that an acquisition actually took place. Cyndx is a relatively unknown company with a very small internet footprint (not even a two liner page over a Wikipedia)...

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The End Of GROU.PS As We Know It

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